Hi!!! Hope you are both well! Want you to know your work is still paying off AGAIN!!! I am past 4 months; I chair an AA meeting once a week. LOVE attending AA each day (well past 90 in 90). Working hard on step 4. Had started volunteer work; on hold for now due to the virus. I have discovered that I have never accepted myself for who I am thus the self criticism and lack of self love/compassion. Well, I am working on that and starting to accept being gay. I have never said that to anyone! More important, deep inside, I am starting to realize that I am not a bad person because of that and that God still loves me for who I am, so I can too. My religion trained me to be ashamed, and I now know that is harmful to me. That NEVER would have happened without the two of you! Please give my best to everyone on the team . . and I am good with you sharing the details if that helps others understand the very positive impact you all have on your clients . . .from the housekeepers, culinary team, counselors, Jimmy and the yoga team, you and leadership. What a wonderful program!!!! All the very best to each of you!.

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