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How An Outpatient Treatment Program Effectively Works For Recovery

Overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs is not something that anyone should attempt without professional help and long-term support. Going it alone is rarely effective, and with each relapse, addiction recovery becomes more difficult.

Unfortunately, many individuals attempt to quit without sufficient help because they are embarrassed, ashamed, or unable to take time away from their daily responsibilities. Yet, professional help offers the best chance for staying clean and sober.

Outpatient Treatment Program Works For Recovery-SummitEstateAt Summit Estate, we offer personalized outpatient treatment to help individuals rebuild their lives. We understand the challenges of managing work, family, school, and other responsibilities and how difficult it is to juggle these when you need professional treatment. This is why we structure our programs specifically to each individual’s needs and provide the support to prevent relapse.

Our outpatient addiction treatment center in Saratoga, California is a good option for those who have a substance abuse problem that does not require intensive residential treatment, as well as for those who need long-term outpatient support after inpatient care.

A Comprehensive Approach To Recovery

We believe that successful recovery requires a multi-faceted addiction treatment plan. There is no one single way that guarantees long-term sobriety. Rather, it’s important to treat the individual and cater to their unique needs. This includes one-on-one therapy in an environment that encourages openness and the ability to understand the root causes of addiction and triggers for using alcohol or drugs.

Of course, addiction does not happen in a vacuum. This is why we also recommend couples and/or family therapy to help strengthen relationships that have been damaged so that they can begin to heal. We know that scheduling can be challenging. This is why we make it as convenient as possible for the individual suffering from addiction, as well as their loved ones.

Treatment Programs To Fit Your Busy Life

At Summit Estate, we are dedicated to providing the most effective outpatient treatment programs for individuals suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. With a variety of therapies, including extended care after successfully completing an inpatient addiction recovery program, we are helping individuals achieve sobriety and continue on the road to recovery.

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