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Where is the Best Drug Rehab in Bay Area CA?

Drug addiction affects all aspects of the user’s life.  There are real professional, personal and legal issues that arise when addiction takes over.  While the first step to recovery is to decide to make a life change, it is nearly impossible to become clean without professional help.  Because of this, selecting the right drug rehab is extremely important.  For those looking for inpatient rehab in the Bay Area understanding the available options can make choosing a drug rehab bay area CA easier.

Top Rehab In The Bay Area

hollistic-approach-rehabsA top drug rehab Bay Area CA will provide personalized treatment to their clients in a setting that lends itself to stepping away from everyday life and focusing on recovery.  A top center will have an industry leading staff to client ratio and a history of successfully treating those with a drug addiction.

Located in the Bay Area, Summit Estate provides luxury drug addiction treatment with a focus on the individual.  Understanding the each client has unique needs, goals and objectives, Summit Estate involves each client in the development of their treatment care plan.  By involving clients in the creation of treatment plans, Summit Estate ensures clients are engaged in the process and will receive the specific care that they need to be successful during and after treatment.

Inpatient treatment at Summit Estate includes:

  • A personalized detoxification protocol that allows for detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.
  • Establishing a treatment plan that will identify the root cause of the addictive behavior and provide the support necessary to address and overcome the addiction.
  • Participation in a thorough treatment program including personal and family therapy and individual counseling.
  • Treatment for the entire person including their body by nutritional counseling, yoga therapy and personal training.

For additional information on the drug rehab Bay Area CA programs available at Summit Estate, contact them today.  Admissions counselors can answer questions, coordinate entry into the program and work with each client’s insurance company to determine their specific out of pocket costs for treatment.  Please complete the form on this site and a Summit Estate team member will contact you or call 800-701-6997 now.  Thank you.