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Addiction Recovery Progams and Centers in Northern Califorina

Recovering from an addiction can be one of the most difficult situations a person may face.  No matter if the addiction is to prescription medication, drugs, alcohol or a combination of substances, it can be nearly impossible to stop abusing substances without professional help.  In order to become sober, it is important to find an addiction recovery center that is able to successfully treat your specific issue and offers a recovery program that fits your needs.

end-drug-addiction-nowThere are a number of addiction recovery centers located in northern California.  Research has found that the top centers provide individual attention and customize their approach based on the unique needs of the individual.  Additionally, a luxury addiction recovery center provides a level of comfort that allows clients to focus on their recovery.

Summit Estate Recovery Center sits on 23 acres of lush greens, orchards and gardens in northern California.  The center provides luxury addiction recovery treatment that focuses on the specific needs of each individual client.  By limiting the number of clients at any time to six, each Summit Estate client is able to receive the specific treatment they need to overcome their addiction and to be prepared for life outside of treatment.

Summit Estate offers a number of amenities to ensure clients are comfortable during their inpatient rehab:

  • Luxurious private and semi-private bedrooms
  • Highly appointed bathrooms
  • Onsite chef that prepares fresh, nutritious meals that aid in balancing the brain
  • Hiking trails for exercise, enjoying the outdoors and relaxation
  • Well-equipped exercise facilities with personal trainer
  • Yoga studio for use as therapy
  • Spa facilities including Jacuzzi and sauna

In the comfortable, relaxing setting provided by Summit Estate, clients are able to focus on the intensive inpatient treatment that will provide the foundation for success after leaving the program.  Addiction recovery treatment includes:

  • Individual counseling
  • Individual therapy and family therapy
  • Onsite and offsite group meetings
  • Weekly outings that allow clients to discover their interests while sober
  • Focus on coping with and defeating pain and fear
  • Discovering the root cause of addiction and addressing those issues
  • Addressing the personal, professional and legal issues that were caused by the clients addictive behavior

To receive additional information on Summit Estate, please complete the form on this site and they will reach out to you.  Or you can contact Summit Estate at 800-701-6997.