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Addiction Recovery Statistics

Addiction statistics are compiled by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  According to them, 23.5 million people over age 12 needed treatment for substance abuse in 2009.  Unfortunately, only 11 percent of these individuals received treatment in a center that specialized in addiction recovery.  For those that entered treatment for substance abuse, the breakdown by substance is as follows:


  • Alcohol addiction – 23.1%
  • Alcohol addiction with another substance – 18.3%
  • Marijuana addiction – 17.0%
  • Heroin addiction – 14.1%
  • Crack cocaine addiction – 8.1%

The number of individuals that use prescription drugs outside of the way they are prescribe continues to grow in the United States. 52 million people in the United States have used prescription medication for non-medical issues in their lifetime.  Of those, 6.1 million people have used prescription medication outside of the way it was intended within the last month.

The first step in addiction recovery is the addicted person deciding to stop using drugs or alcohol.  However, it can be nearly impossible to overcome addiction without professional help.  Individuals have the best chance at addiction recovery and long term sobriety when they participate in an intensive inpatient addiction treatment program.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides personalized addiction treatment in their private, luxury facility located near Silicone Valley.  By limiting their practice to six clients at a time, Summit Estate is able to provide each individual the specific support and care they need to discover and address the root cause of addiction.  This is done in a luxury facility with a number of amenities including:

  • Luxury, five star quality private and semi-private bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Fresh meals prepared daily with a focus on taste, nutrition, and optimal brain health
  • Spa facilities complete with sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Exercise room with personal trainer
  • Natural setting including hiking trails

The admissions team at Summit Estate can answer questions about available options as well as follow up with each client’s insurance company in order to provide their specific out of pocket costs.  To receive additional information on the addiction recovery programs available at Summit Estate Recovery Center, complete the form linked below or call 800-701-6997.