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Addiction Treatment Approaches For Drug and Alcohol Abusers

Addiction treatment approaches for drug and alcohol abusers vary in effectiveness based on the unique needs of the individual.  Each person is different and, therefore, the approach to their treatment should take into concern their individual needs, goals and objectives for addiction recovery.   A luxury treatment center with a focus on providing individualized rehab provides the best chance at successful recovery and long term sobriety.

the-road-to-recoverySummit Estate Recovery Center offers luxury rehab treatment in a serene setting in greater Los Angeles.  Located on 23 acres of gardens, orchards and lawns, Summit Estate’s location provides clients with the opportunity to step away from the stress of everyday life and to focus on recovering from their addiction.  Addiction treatment is customized for each of Summit Estate’s clients from their initial contact with Summit Estate.   During the initial contact with one of Summit Estate’s admissions counselors:

  • Information is learned about each client as an individual
  • Insurance information is researched in order to provide each client with their specific out of pocket costs
  • Arrangements are made for arrival at Summit Estate

The individualized care continues upon arrival at the facility.  Each client undergoes a personalized, medically controlled detoxification protocol that allows for detox in a comfortable manner.  Eliminating the pain and discomfort commonly associated with detoxification allows clients to begin their recovery sooner and focus on getting better instead of focusing on their discomfort.

Summit Estate offers a non 12 step approach to rehabilitation that lends itself to adaptability.  Rather than building on the foundation of a person’s faith, a non 12 step approach focuses on the individual’s addictive behaviors and modifying the life as a whole.  Clean living is not only about ceasing to abuse drugs and alcohol.  Clean living extends to every aspect of a person’s life, all of which are covered during inpatient treatment at Summit Estate.

For additional information on the addiction treatment approaches Summit Estate offers, contact them today.  Please complete the contact us form using the link below and Summit Estate will reach out to you.  Or, speak to one of Summit Estate’s admissions counselors by calling 800-701-6997.  Thank you.