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Bay Area Drug Rehab CA

Making the decision to stop using drugs is the first step toward recovery.  However, despite a person’s best intentions, it can be extremely difficult to stop taking drugs without professional assistance.  An inpatient drug rehab program provides the support, assistance and education needed to become and remain sober.  Finding the right drug rehab Bay Area CA location for treatment is a key factor in overcoming addiction.  It is important that each individual find the treatment program that best suits their needs.

inpatient-drug-rehabsA holistic approach to drug addiction treatment addresses all aspects of a person’s life. A luxury drug rehab Bay Area CA facility, Summit Estate provides drug addiction recovery with a focus on the specific needs of each client.   Through their holistic approach, all Summit Estate clients receive:

  • Innovative diagnosis and treatment that incorporates the specific goals and objectives of each client
  • Physical fitness through yoga and a state of the art exercise center with a personal trainer
  • Psycho-therapy to identify and address the root cause of the addiction
  • Education on addiction and how to avoid and manage cravings and stressful situations
  • Medication management that allows clients to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner allowing them to focus on their recovery sooner without the pain and discomfort many people associate with detoxification.
  • Nutritional therapy that provides clients with the education they need to prepare healthy, balanced and brain supportive meals outside of treatment.  The food a person intakes has a direct effect on their brain chemistry.
  • Stress management to provide clients with the tools they need to cope with stress without the use of drugs.  This skill is key for being able to maintain sobriety after leaving inpatient treatment.

This is all done on a 23 acre estate that encompasses gardens, orchards, lawns, hiking trails and a fishing pond.  The relaxing setting lends itself to being able to relax and focus on addiction recovery.

Learn more about the available programs for drug addiction treatment at Summit Estate’s drug rehab Bay Area CA by contacting them today.  Please provide your information on the form linked below and a member of the admissions team will reach out to you.  You can also call 800-701-6997 to speak with an admissions counselor.