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Centers for Addiction Recovery in the Greater Los Angeles Area

For individuals who have an addiction to drugs, prescription medication or alcohol, inpatient addiction recovery provides the best chance for becoming and remaining sober.  Given the number of addiction recovery centers in the greater Los Angeles area, selecting the right center to help on your journey to recovery can be difficult.  It is important to find a treatment facility where you feel comfortable, that has a treatment program that suits your specific needs and provides individualized attention.

Dual-Diagnosis-TreatmentConveniently located in northern California, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides addiction recovery programs that focus on the unique needs of each specific client.  There is no cookie cutter approach to recovering from addiction.  Instead, each client’s recovery program is built on their specific circumstances, individual needs and personal goals.

During treatment, each of Summit Estate’s clients can expect:

  • Individual Attention – Summit Estate’s luxury treatment center is limited to six clients at a time. These individuals receive the specific support they need from 30 staff members who are all focused on addiction recovery.
  • Luxury Atmosphere – Summit Estate has luxury accommodations.  The highly appointed private and semi-private bedrooms allow for comfort during the stay inpatient rehab. The location on 23 acres of gardens, lawns and orchards provide the ideal backdrop to focus on recovery in a stress free environment.
  • Amenities – Summit Estate offers a number of amenities to ensure clients are comfortable during their stay.  These include exercise facilities, a yoga studio, spa facilities, hiking trails and a fully stocked fishing pond.
  • Non 12 Step Approach – The center’s non 12 step approach to addiction treatment allows for customization and a focus on the behaviors that fuel and are fueled by substance abuse.
  • Medically Controlled Detoxification – Under medical care, each client receives a customized detoxification protocol that allows for detoxification in a controlled and comfortable manner.  This process avoids the pain and discomfort commonly associated with detoxification and allows clients to begin their treatment sooner.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s addiction recovery programs or to coordinate your entry into treatment, contact Summit Estate today.  Please complete the form linked below and Summit Estate will reach out to you, or give Summit Estate a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.