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Find A Recovery Center For Xanax Addiction in The Bay Area

Xanax addiction is a growing concern in the United States today. Prescription drug abuse continues to grow with few people understanding the true risks for using medication outside of its intended use. Xanax addiction has huge risks to the abuser. Of all the overdose deaths attributable to prescription drug use in 2008, nearly half involved use of the drug Xanax. Prescription drug addiction is virtually impossible to break on one’s own. In order to be successful, an intensive inpatient treatment program is necessary.

how-to-end-your-drug-abuseSummit Estate Recovery Center provides Xanax addiction treatment in the luxury treatment facility located in the Bay Area. Located on 23 acres, the center’s natural setting and dedication to personalized treatment combine to provide the ideal location for addiction treatment. Summit Estate provides each client with the support they need to begin their recovery and remain sober.

During treatment, each Summit Estate client goes through the following:

  • A medically controlled detoxification protocol that allows each client to detox in a comfortable manner. Detoxing in this manner allows clients to begin their recovery sooner.
  • Meeting with their counselor to work together to create a personalized treatment plan that takes into consideration each client’s goals and objectives for treatment.
  • Participation in a whole body rehabilitation program that focuses on healing the entire person, mind, body and soul. This process includes yoga therapy, physical training, personal and family therapy.
  • Development of a continuing care plan to develop the skills necessary to deal with stress, cravings and temptation after leaving inpatient addiction recovery treatment.

Receive additional information on the Xanax addiction treatment program at Summit Estate by contacting them today. Their highly qualified admissions counselors are able to provide a number of services including answering questions about their program and providing information on intervention. For those who are looking to enter addiction treatment, the admissions counselors can research insurance coverage and provide the specific out of pocket cost for inpatient treatment. Should paying for treatment be a concern, Summit Estate works with two financing companies that specialize in inpatient treatment.

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