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Find CA Private Non-12 Step Addiction Recovery Centers

Inpatient recovery plays a pivotal role in the success of recovery from drug addiction. In order to be successful, it is important that each individual find the right recovery center for them.  While they are very popular, 12 step recovery is not for everyone.  Some people who may benefit from non-12 step recovery centers for treatment include:

  • Individuals who have previously not been successful with 12 step programs
  • People who have personalities that are not suited for group therapy
  • Those whose work or school schedules do not allow for regular attendance of meetings
  • People who live in an area where there are few meetings available

the-road-to-recoveryNon-12 step addiction recovery centers often have a holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Treatment is focused on accomplishing the following goals:

  • Establishing a foundation for clean living, including both the mind and body
  • Discovering the root cause for anxiety and pain in their lives and then addressing these issues
  • Uncovering the tools that can help each individual reduce the amount of stress and cravings a client experiences
  • Working on reducing the amount of anxiety and pain that are experienced
  • Participating in healthy activities and behaviors
  • Recovering each client’s interests and passions while sober
  • Helping to address legal, professional and personal issues that are the result of substance abuse
  • Participating in intensive inpatient therapy
  • Creating a sobriety plan for after inpatient rehab

Non-12 step rehab centers are typically located in serene and peaceful location.  In addition to being physically away from the stress of everyday life, a peaceful setting allows clients to step away from stress mentally and focus on treatment and recovery.

Summit Estate Recovery Center is among the top rated non-12 step addiction recovery centers in northern California.  They specialize in providing individualized care to each of the clients in their facility.  By limiting their facility to six beds with 30 members on their staff, they are well equipped to provide their clients with the one on one attention necessary for successful recovery.   Start your recovery with Summit Estate today.  Complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.