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Find Luxury Addiction Treatment For Executives

Executives have a unique set of concerns when looking at recovery from substance abuse.  To have the best chance of success during inpatient rehab, it is important to find a center experienced in addiction treatment for executives.  Executives often have histories of being successful in life.  This can make it hard to accept that they need to enter treatment in order to become sober.  Additionally, they may be lulled into a false sense of security that they are able to successfully beat their addiction without the help of others.

drug-and-alcohol-rehabs-that-offer-massage-therapyTo provide the best addiction treatment for executives, we provide high quality treatment in a relaxing environment that includes:

  • Four star hotel quality accommodations
  • Gourmet, freshly prepared, delicious and nutritious food
  • A calm and serene setting on 23 acres of gardens, orchards, and lawns
  • Hiking trails and a fully stocked fishing pond

To facilitate recovery in our addiction treatment for executives, we focus on the following during inpatient treatment:

  • An individualized medically controlled detoxification protocol.  This protocol allows clients to avoid the high stress and pain levels often associated with detoxification.  By customizing protocols, clients are able to detox in a comfortable and controlled manner.
  • Establishing a sober and clean mind and body.  We believe that treatment should include your entire being.  Clean living means monitoring what you eat as food has a direct effect on your brain chemistry.  Exercise not only increases physical health but also provides an outlet for stress which can help to decrease cravings.
  • Discovering the client’s interests while sober.  It takes time to understand what a person enjoys while not abusing substances.  By taking part in activities that a client enjoys that are not destructive, the client is able to find things they can do after treatment.
  • Provide help in all areas of life including legal, professional, and personal issues.  Substance abuse has a real effect on both the individual and those around them.  Healing these relationships takes time and effort.

Begin addiction treatment for executives today by contacting us.  We can provide additional information on our program, work with your insurance company, and begin understanding you as an individual to begin personalizing your treatment.  Contact us today at 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site.