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Find Non 12 Step Alcohol Recovery Programs in Northern CA

Despite their popularity, 12 step programs are not successful for all individuals with addiction issues.  Many people benefit from a non 12 step approach.  Typically, non 12 step alcohol rehab programs provide individualized treatment that specifically addresses the unique needs of each client.

hollistic-approach-rehabsWho might benefit from a non 12 step alcohol rehab program?

Traditional 12 step programs build upon an individual’s faith in order to become and remain sober.  The approach is furthered by regular attendance of meetings that are held by and led by others that also have battled addiction.   While this approach can be successful, there are number of people who may benefit from a different type of program.  If you can answer yes to any of the following, a non 12 step approach may be ideal for you:

  • Have you been unsuccessful with non 12 step programs in the past?
  • Does your lifestyle or personality make regular attendance of meetings difficult or unlikely?
  • Are regular 12 step meetings unavailable in your area?

What can I expect during a non 12 step recovery program?

Non 12 step recovery programs often occur in a luxury, serene environment that is well suited for clients to step away from the everyday stress of life and focus on their recovery.  Non 12 step programs often have a whole body approach, educating clients on how clean living should extend to every aspect of life. Additionally, a non 12 step program is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual.  Each client is a part of the process and helps to build the action plan for their recovery.

Located on 23 serene acres in northern California, Summit Estate Recovery Center is a premier, addiction treatment facility that provides personalized care.   The luxury facility continually receives high reviews from clients and has a high success rate for addressing alcohol addiction.

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