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Find the Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program in California

If you or a loved one is struggling with both a mental disorder and substance abuse dual diagnosis treatment program is best suited to address both issues for long lasting sobriety.  It is common for mental disorders and substance abuse to be seen together.  In fact, one often causes the other resulting in a cycle of self-medication.  A dual diagnosis treatment program focuses on the root cause of both the mental disorder and substance abuse simultaneously to provide the best chance of recovery.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentLocated in northern California, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides dual diagnosis treatment in our state of the art facility.  Situated on 23 acres of lawns, gardens and orchards, our facility provides the perfect backdrop for recovery in a serene, stress free environment.  We have several amenities to help our clients feel comfortable and at home during treatment including:

  • Four star quality accommodations including custom designed bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Hiking trails
  • Fully stocked fishing pond
  • Exercise facilities with personal training
  • Yoga studio with instruction
  • Spa area including Jacuzzi and sauna
  • Delicious gourmet meals prepared fresh daily by our chef

During the dual diagnosis treatment program we focus on breaking the cycle of mental disorders and substance abuse:

  • Intake of drugs or alcohol
  • Increased neurotransmitters flood the brain
  • Experience of a high feeling
  • The brain attempts to balance itself by purging the neurotransmitters, including those produced naturally
  • Experience of coming down from the high
  • Difficulty feeling pleasure naturally due to the reduced amount of neurotransmitters
  • Intake of drugs or alcohol

We provide a personalized approach to recovery, taking time to understand the needs of our clients before beginning a treatment plan.  Furthermore, we meet with each client to understand their personal goals and objectives.  Having the client play an intricate role in planning their treatment plan helps them accept treatment and ultimately be more successful with their sobriety.  We have a biopsychosocial approach when dealing with our clients, ensure each treatment plan includes clinical, medical, psychiatric and psychosocial care.

An admissions counselor can provide additional information on our programs and how a dual diagnosis treatment program can work for you.  We will take time to learn more about you and work with you to determine if our recovery center is the ideal place for you.  To begin, contact us at 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site.