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How Long Would I Have To Stay at a Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

There are a number of unknowns when facing inpatient drug rehab.  Many people want to commit to participating in the inpatient rehab process but are unsure of what to expect.  One of the most common questions is about the length of stay of inpatient rehab.

find-an-addiction-counselorThe length of stay for inpatient rehab varies based on the needs of the individual.  A quality inpatient drug rehab will not have standard approach for length of stay.  Instead, each client’s length of treatment should be based on their specific needs.   Summit Estate Recovery Center provides luxury rehab treatment that specializes in providing personalized treatment.

Treatment at Summit Estate is customized to the needs of each client, however, there are some general guidelines for treatment.

  • Before beginning treatment, everyone entering the inpatient drug rehab program must agree to a minimum stay of 30 days.  Research has found that between 28 and 30 days are required in order to change a person’s behavior.  By setting this level as a minimum, Summit Estate ensures clients get the foundation for rehabilitation.
  • The majority of clients have stays of longer than 30 days. Typical treatment lasts between 45 and 120 days.  Each client’s treatment term is determined by their progress.
  • Research on success rates for inpatient drug rehab reflects that a client’s length of stay is directly correlated.  Inpatient treatment stays of 90 days or are most likely for lifelong sobriety.

Summit Estate offers a number of treatment plans as a part of their inpatient drug rehab.  By focusing on the specific needs of each client, the recovery team at Summit Estate is able to provide the support necessary for recovery. This is done in their 23 acre facility located conveniently in northern California. Research has shown that a luxury rehab facility where clients feel comfortable provides the best setting for recovery.

For additional information on the average length of stay for inpatient rehab contact Summit Estate today.  Please complete the form via the link below and a member of the admissions team will reach out to you.  Or, please call 800-701-6997 to speak with someone directly.  Thank you.