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How Private Chefs and Yoga Studios Will Help With Your Addiction Recovery

Many people believe that drug addiction recovery during inpatient rehab means intense therapy sessions with little room for anything else.  This is not the case.  A holistic approach to addiction recovery means improving the health of your entire person, mind, body and soul.   At Summit Estate Recovery Center, we understand that healthy living, including healthy, gourmet food and yoga instruction is an important part of the recovery process.

drug-rehabs-with-yogaAt its core, recovery is about leaving behind negative behavior in exchange for positive behavior. This extends to the food we consume.  Food and nutrition are important parts of clean living.    The food we eat has a direct effect on our brain chemistry.  By selecting a healthy diet comprised of nutrient rich foods, we can help return your brain to normal chemistry levels.  Our in house chefs expertly prepare healthy, fresh, nutrient rich foods during your recovery.  You are also equipped so that you can continue these healthy eating habits after treatment.

Our programs are further enhanced by our yoga studio, with sessions lead by our Yoga Teacher and Energy Practitioner.  With more than twenty years of experience with a heavy emphasis on working with those recovering from addiction, our yoga teacher is focused on understanding the specific needs of each of her clients.  Seen as a form of therapy, yoga sessions are used to help our clients gain healthy physical means of dealing of their emotional struggles. The tools gained during yoga sessions are easily transferred to life after leaving the recovery center.  During yoga therapy, clients are shown how to ground their thinking which results in self-awareness, self-acceptance and eventually, self-love.

At Summit Estate, we are dedicated to providing treatment in a serene and relaxing atmosphere.  Our 23 acre facility lends itself to returning to healthy living with lush gardens, hiking trails and a fully stocked fishing pond.  With six beds and 30 staff members, we are focused on providing treatment options that are personalized for you and your unique needs.

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