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How To Find Help For Xanax Addiction in the Bay Area CA

Xanax is a part of a group of medications known as benzodiazepines.  Xanax is typically prescribed by physicians to treat various anxiety and panic disorders.  It has a depressive effect on the central nervous system which is typically not a problem when the medication is taken as prescribed.  However, when the medication is taken outside of its intended use, or taken in high dosages, it can result in an addiction to Xanax.

inpatient-drug-rehabsXanax addiction is a serious issue that is best addressed through intensive inpatient treatment.  With prescription drug abuse on the rise, it is important to find a center that has experience successfully treating addiction to Xanax.

Located in California’s Bay Area, Summit Estate Recovery Center is a leading provider of Xanax addiction treatment.  Summit Estate’s luxury treatment facility has six beds and is staffed by 30 team members, resulting in an unmatched client-to-staff ratio. This ratio allows for the individualized addiction treatment necessary to provide clients with addiction recovery and long term clean living.

Summit Estate’s non 12 step addiction treatment program occurs in several steps:

  • Upon arrival at Summit Estate, clients meet with admissions counselors to complete the admissions process.
  • Each client meets with the Summit Estate medical team who will customize their detoxification protocol.
  • Once detox is complete, each client meets with their counselor to design their treatment plan.  It is important that each client be fully engaged in this process and that the treatment plant take into consideration each client’s specific goals and objectives for treatment.
  • Clients participate in an intensive inpatient treatment program that includes group and individual counseling, individual and family counseling, behavior management, yoga therapy, and art therapy.
  • Progression to a second phase of treatment to begin the transition from inpatient treatment to everyday life.
  • Creation of a plan for life outside of treatment.
  • Aftercare program that provides continued support after a client leaves inpatient treatment

For additional information on Summit Estate’s Xanax addiction treatment program, contact them today.  Admissions counselors can answer questions you may have about treatment plans, verify your insurance coverage and coordinate entry into the program. Please complete the “contact us” form on this website or call Summit Estate at 800-701-6997 to start the road to recovery.