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How To Get Your Loved One Into Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Watching as a loved one deals with an alcohol addiction can be agonizing.  When someone you love has an alcohol addiction, it effects every aspect of their lives.  Often, an addicted person’s personal and professional life suffers dramatically as more and more of their lives are controlled by their addiction. It is common for family members and friends to feel as though they are powerless to do anything.  For some, it may feel as though they are only spectators in a tragedy.  The best chance your loved one has for sobriety is through inpatient alcohol recovery.  There are some things you can do when trying to get your loved one to accept treatment for their alcohol addiction.


find-help-for-alcohol-addictionAn intervention is a meeting with an addicted person and their friends and family.  In a non-combative manner, each person details how the addiction to alcohol has affected their life.  The purpose of this conversation is to alter the way the addicted person views their problem and to get them to agree to enter rehab.

Facilitating an intervention can be extremely stressful for a friend or family member.  For the best results, we encourage the use of a professional interventionist.  An interventionist can provide valuable advice during the preparation for the intervention should the family choose to do it on their own.  Additionally, an interventionist can facilitate the intervention to provide the best results and a supportive environment for all involved.

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For people who have never dealt with an addiction, it may seem as though alcohol addiction should be easy to stop.  It may seem as though all the addicted person would have to do is decide to be sober.  There are both physical and mental aspects of addiction.  Until both of those components are addressed through intensive therapy, it may be nearly impossible to stop abusing alcohol.  Understanding that the struggle to stop drinking is real may allow you to be more compassionate towards addicted family and friends.

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