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Live Healthy and Put an End To Your Alcohol Addiction

Summit Estate Recovery Center has a holistic approach to recovery care, believing that each client’s mind, body and soul must be addressed during inpatient treatment.  In addition to therapy to discover and address the root cause of the substance abuse, we provide additional care to extend healthy living throughout each of our clients’ lives.

stop-drinking-todayClean living after recovering from an alcohol addiction has many aspects.  Every aspect of our clients lives are addressed during recovery, including nutrition and eating habits.  Living a clean lifestyle can help reduce cravings and set the foundation for lifelong sobriety.

The food we consume has a direct effect on the brain’s chemistry.  By eating a diet full of healthy, nutrient rich foods, you are able to help your brain maintain a healthy chemical balance.  During inpatient treatment at Summit Estate Recovery Center, meals are freshly prepared daily by our in house chef.  Nutritional counseling is available to help prepare you for maintaining healthy eating habits after treatment.

Physical exercise plays a large role in our overall health.  During treatment, we offer several amenities to encourage exercise:

  • Hiking trails – Situated on 23 acres of natural beauty, our estate has hiking trails for the benefit of our clients.  Taking walks on these trails provides a method of exercise as well as an opportunity to return to nature.  Additionally, hiking provides a natural and healthy recreational activity.
  • Yoga therapy – Yoga lends itself to the recovery process by teaching techniques that can be used for stress relief, mediation and physical exercise.  Our yoga studio provides lessons by a certified yoga instructor with years of experience using yoga during recovery.
  • Gym – We have an onsite gym with state of the art exercise equipment that allows our clients to maintain and improve their physical health during treatment.  We offer personal training as well to help build the behaviors that can be used after treatment.

The admissions counselors at Summit Estate Recovery Center are available to speak with you about your alcohol addiction and discuss how our treatment programs lead to healthy living and long lasting sobriety.  Contact us today by calling 800-701-6997 or complete the form on this site.