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Suggestions for Helping Your Loved One Get Into an Alcohol Recovery Program

Living with a loved one who is struggling with alcohol addiction can be difficult on many levels.  An alcoholic’s addiction affects more than the person taking the drink.  Their actions spill over and effect their family, friends and work life.  It can be extremely difficult to compel your loved one to enter an alcohol recovery program.  While you can encourage them to make better life choices, it is ultimately your loved one’s decision to pursue recovery.

find-help-for-alcohol-addictionOne of the most successful ways to help your loved one make the decision to enter an alcohol recovery program is through an intervention.  Summit Estate Recovery Center, has a number of professional, licensed, interventionists who can help you, your friends and your family to stage an intervention for your loved one.

What happens during intervention?

During an intervention, the addicted person’s friends and families attempt to change the way they think about their addiction.  Done in a non-combative manner, an intervention is a way for the addicted person to take a look at their behavior and to see how their behavior affects those around them.   The goal is that the addicted person makes the decision to enter recovery an alcohol recovery program.

How can we make an intervention more successful?

The use of an interventionist can make an intervention more successful.  The interventionist can help to prepare you for the process and to provide support during the intervention.

What if my loved one is still in denial?

If your loved one is hesitant to enter an alcohol recovery program, we suggest you have them call us.   Our admissions counselors are fully trained and are experts at helping addicts realize that they are need of treatment to begin their recovery.

I want to stage an intervention, but don’t know where to begin.  Can you help?

To learn more about interventions and how we can help, contact one of our admissions counselors. Our admissions counselors can provide answers about the program and staging an intervention.

Find out how we can help you convince your loved one to enter an alcohol recovery program.  Contact us today via this website or call us at 800-701-6997 to speak with our admissions counselor to learn more about our options for intervention.