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The Benefits Associated With Dual Diagnosis Treatment

It is common for mental health issues and substance abuse to occur together.  In many instances, one results in the other.  For example, someone with mental illness, particularly if it is undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, may seek drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms.  For people dealing with both an addiction and mental illness, a dual diagnosis treatment program provides the best way of becoming and remaining clean.  Unless both issues are treated at the same time, the chance for relapse is extremely high.

get-help-with-addictionThere are several benefits to treating an individual’s mental health issues and substance abuse problems at the same time:

  • Rather than being treated as two separate issues, the mental illness and substance abuse are treated as though they are interconnected.
  • Professional mental health experts and addiction recovery experts are both involved in the treatment plan and monitor the client’s progress.  By working together, the treatment team is able to provide the specific support dual diagnosis clients need.
  • Medication management is done to ensure the medication needed for controlling the mental illness does not interfere with the addiction treatment.
  • The ability to provide family therapy that addresses both issues and helps prepare the family to provide a supportive environment once their loved one leaves inpatient treatment.
  • A comprehensive inpatient treatment experience that uses individual treatment, group therapy, and excursions to build the foundation for sobriety.

Summit Estate Recovery Center provides personalized addiction treatment in the greater Los Angeles area. By limiting their practice to six clients at a time, the inpatient treatment program is able to provide each client the specific support they need for long lasting sobriety.  Their dual diagnosis treatment program provides both the addiction treatment and mental illness management necessary for recovery.  The program accepts most major insurance plans which can dramatically reduce a client’s out of pocket costs and make treatment more affordable.

To learn more about the dual diagnosis treatment provided by Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the “contact us” form on this site and Summit Estate’s team will reach out to you, or give them a call at 800-701-6997.  Thank you.