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Top Los Gatos Alcohol Treatment and Alcohol Recovery Centers

With many treatment options available it can be difficult to find the right treatment center.  In order to have the best treatment you must find the right center to handle your specific needs.  There is a top alcohol treatment center conveniently located in Los Gatos, CA.

dual-diagnosis-addiction-treatmentSummit Estate Recovery Center is located on 23 acres of gardens, lawns and orchards.  Our six bed facility specializes in providing individualized care to all of our clients.  We believe the best way to provide alcohol rehab is to ensure each client receives the specific level of care they need for success.  This attention to personal details begin with each client’s initial phone call with our center.  At that point we begin to identify your treatment needs.

Upon arrival at Summit Estate, each client undergoes a medically controlled detoxification.  Each client has a specifically tailored detox process that is built upon their unique physical needs.  By providing a medically controlled rehab, our clients are able to detox in a comfortable manner and able to start their treatment sooner.

After detoxification, each client sits down with their counselor to establish their treatment plan.  It is important that each client participate in this process. In order to successfully recover and return to normal life, treatment must address each client’s needs and incorporate their goals.

Alcohol rehab at treatment Summit Estate includes the following:

  • Establishing clean living mind and body
  • Discovering what triggers anxiety and depression and anxiety
  • Developing the necessary tools to reduce stress and to handle cravings
  • Elimination of fear and pain and the resulting stress they cause
  • Learning ad engaging in healthy behaviors and activities
  • Finding new habits and things that you find interesting sober
  • Addressing the personal, professional and legal issues that arose as a result of addiction and addictive behavior
  • Participation in inpatient program
  • An ongoing support and aftercare plan after leaving inpatient treatment

Contact Summit Estate today for additional information on our treatment programs.  We are highly reviewed from previous clients and have had high success rates providing alcohol rehab treatment.  Please complete the form on this site or call 800-701-6997.