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What is Inpatient Drug Rehab Like

Fear of the unknown can cause many people to delay entering inpatient drug rehab.  Understanding what happens in rehab can make the decision to enter treatment easier and can relieve some of the anxiety associated with entering inpatient drug rehab.

find-an-addiction-counselorLuxury inpatient rehab with a non 12 step approach includes:

  • A medically customized and controlled detoxification protocol is provided for all clients in our natural setting.  While many think discomfort and distress is necessary for rehab, that is not the case.  When done in a medically controlled manner, clients are able to focus on their recovery sooner.
  • Luxury accommodations allow patients to feel comfortable during inpatient treatment.  Private and semi-private rooms are available. Additionally, being able to retire to a highly appointed room after treatment allows clients to decompress after treatment.
  • An individualized treatment approach that addresses the specific needs of each of the clients.  Clients should be involved in designing their treatment plan in order to incorporate their wants and needs.  It is important that clients feel invested in their recovery.
  • Gourmet meals that are nutritious and prepared daily.
  • Exercise facilities that have personal trainers on site in order to facilitate clean living for the entire body.

A typical day in inpatient recovery can include a number of sessions:

  • Meditation time and area
  • Session on reflection and integration
  • Personal and group therapy
  • Sessions on codependency
  • Group therapy
  • Available offsite and onsite group therapy
  • Yoga or art therapy
  • Developing coping and problem solving skills
  • Family therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions

Summit Estate Recovery Center is located in northern California and provides drug rehabilitation in a luxury setting.  The center provides inpatient care to six individuals at a time to ensure the center is able to provide each client with individualized care. Summit Estate has a team of 30 recovery experts, each dedicated to providing clients with the tools they need to become and remain sober.

For additional information on Summit Estate’s inpatient drug rehab, contact Summit Estate today.  Summit Estate’s treatment program has received many accolades from former clients and the industry at large. Please complete the form on this website and we’ll reach out to you or give us a call at 800-701-6997. Thank you.