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What To Know About Your Possible Addiction Treatment Options

When a person is struggling with substance abuse, there are a number of available options for treatment.  While someone may be serious about changing their life, it is nearly impossible to do so without professional assistance.  Understanding the available treatment options can help you decide which treatment type and facility will best suit your needs.

end-drug-addiction-now12 Step Programs

Traditional 12 step programs use a person’s beliefs as the foundation for treatment.  Ongoing treatment is provided through group meetings which are led by individuals who have also struggled with, and overcome addiction.  Often, individuals are paired with a sponsor who can be called upon in the event the addicted person needs support or help getting through a troubling situation.   Ongoing participation in these group meetings is encouraged for long term sobriety.

Non 12 Step Programs

Non 12 step programs focus on the addicted person’s behavior and focuses on modifying those behaviors for sobriety and clean living.  Typically provided in a luxury setting, the initial goal of a non 12 step program is to understand the root cause of the addictive behavior and to addresses those issues.  Then, while working with the addicted individual, a detailed treatment plan is developed to incorporate each person’s specific goals for treatment and recovery.   Non 12 step programs focus on clean living in all aspects of life and developing the skills necessary to overcome fear and stress.

Located on a 23 acre estate in the greater Los Angeles area, Summit Estate Recovery Center provides luxury addiction treatment with a focus on each individual.  Their facility is fully staffed by 30 team members who have the sole mission of providing each client the support they need to recover from their addiction.  By limiting the number of clients they are working with at one time to six, Summit Estate has an unmatched client to staff ratio, thereby providing the ideal setting for addiction recovery with a  non 12 step addiction treatment program.

To receive additional information on the addiction treatment programs provided by Summit Estate, contact them today.  Please complete the form on this site and they will reach out to you, or simply call 800-701-6997.  Thank you.