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Which California Rehabs Offer Luxury Addiction Treatment?

Luxury addiction treatment allows clients to begin their recovery in an environment that fosters relaxation and allows people to focus on themselves.  Luxury addiction treatment treats more than just the physical aspects of addiction, it focuses on healing the entire body.  There are a number of rehabilitation facilities in California that offer a variety of services. Finding the best center for you can help your recovery process and provide long lasting sobriety.

drug-addiction-recoveryComfort is an important aspect of the recovery process.  Luxury facilities will have a number of amenities that may not be found in other facilities.  Luxury addiction treatment has several advantages:

  • Hotel-like rooms – Luxury rehab facilities aim to prove an environment similar to that of a high end hotel.  There should be a limit of no more than two people to a bedroom. Bedrooms and bathrooms will have updated features including linens.
  • Relaxing setting – Many luxury rehab facilities are located on the water or other relaxing natural landscape.  Returning to nature can decrease the amount of stress a client is going allowing for an easier transition to recovery
  • Individual focus – Luxury facilities take care to focus on the specific needs of the individual, by ensuring their client to staff ratio is above average.  Luxury centers tend to have fewer beds to give more individual attention.
  • Holistic treatment – Luxury centers often have healthy gourmet food, exercise rooms with equipment and spa facilities.  The goal is to help heal your entire body.  By focusing on your food intake and exercise routines, you can also improve your coping skills and find another outlet for your frustrations.

Contact Summit Estate Recovery Center today to begin your recovery journey.  An admissions counselor will help you take your first step in luxury addiction treatment by asking questions to understand you as an individual.  We will ask questions to discover your specific care needs and can coordinate your visit.  Additionally, we work with your insurance company to identity your coverage levels and provide your out of pocket costs.  The admissions counselor will meet with you upon arriving at Summit Estate and will help walk you through the intake process.