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Why Discussing Your Addiction With Family and Friends Can Help Your Recovery

Most people with addiction issues do not advertise that they have a problem.  In fact, most people who are struggling with substance abuse go out of their way to mask or hide their addictive behavior.  Part of entering and being in addiction recovery is being honest about your problem.  Telling friends and family members about your addiction can help your recovery.

stop-drinking-todayThe Discussion

Telling your loved ones about your addiction can seem overwhelming.  The reality is, although you may believe you’ve completely hidden your addiction, chances are your loved ones are aware of the problem and have been effected by it.  When speaking with your loved ones, be honest about your feelings and be open to hearing about their feelings as well.  It is important to talk about what you will be doing to facilitate your addiction recovery.  Knowing that you are aware of the addiction and that you are seeking treatment will help to put your friends and family at ease.

How It Helps

One of the aspects of recovery is being honest about your addiction and how it has affected you legally, professionally, and personally.  Additionally, there are many options for family therapy as a part of addiction treatment.  Your family and friends will likely be a part of your support system after treatment and it is important they be involved in learning how to best support you in your sobriety

Addiction Treatment

Research has shown that inpatient addiction treatment is best equipped to address substance abuse.  By stepping away from everyday life, people are able to focus on their recovery away from stress and temptation.  In addiction recovery, individuals build the foundation for being able to reduce stress, overcome cravings, and to live a clean lifestyle.  In order to be successful, individuals should look for a recovery center that is able to address their specific needs.

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