Summit Estate Recovery Center

Personalized Addiction Treatment for Lifelong Recovery

Summit Estate Recovery Center

Personalized Addiction Treatment for Lifelong Recovery

About Summit Estate Recovery Center

Summit Estate Recovery Center offers inpatient detox and residential treatment, along with three unique levels of outpatient treatment for those suffering from an alcohol or substance abuse disorder and those with a dual diagnosis. Our detox and inpatient programs are located in a breathtakingly beautiful 7500 sq. ft. estate in the foothills of Saratoga, Ca. while our outpatient drug and alcohol programs and our highly respected Family Program are offered in the heart of Silicon Valley. Summit Estate’s therapy programs are small, private, and highly individualized. We primarily treat adults 30 years and older, and we accept most employer-provided PPO insurance plans. Our treatment programs are designed to provide clients with the tools, skills and strategies they need to reach their goal of a lasting, sustained recovery. Whether you’re looking for treatment for yourself or a loved one, our team can help. At Summit Estate we offer a safe, welcoming and healing space for you and your family to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

The first part of any addiction treatment program is the detox process.

The length and severity of this process depend on the drug. Our detox center offers medical comforts during the strenuous and sometimes uncomfortable detox process. At Summit Estate, you will have medical staff on hand 24/7. As a result, if an emergency occurs, someone with experience will be there for you.

A residential program offers 24/7 supervision and support to people who are just beginning the recovery process.

During your enrollment at our residential treatment program, you will live at our facility. We offer comfortable rooms and friendly staff members during your recovery process. 

A residential treatment program offers a range of benefits. It is the most reliable way to ensure that you don’t relapse early in the recovery process. Additionally, you have the opportunity to enroll in more therapy programs because you’re there for more extended amounts of time.

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP treatment, is an excellent option for many people.

During this program, you’ll attend therapy a few times each week. The rest of the time, you can stay at home and manage responsibilities at home, work, or school. 

An IOP treatment is ideal for people who have already completed a residential treatment program. It is also useful for people who have relapsed, or those who need a bit of support as they ease back into daily life.

Dual diagnosis treatment is our option for people who struggle with addiction and mental illness.

This program treats both issues simultaneously. It gives the patient support for both disorders and coping mechanisms to handle temptations and relapses. 

A dual diagnosis treatment program is essential if you struggle with both addiction and mental illness. Treating only one of these disorders can cause you to relapse after you leave treatment. However, getting simultaneous treatment can ensure a long-lasting recovery.

Certain situations make it challenging to attend treatment in person.

However, with a telehealth treatment program, you can use modern technology to get treatment from wherever you are. 

Telehealth utilizes cell phones and computers with Wi-Fi connection to connect patients with therapists. During this program, you can take part in both individual and group therapy. We offer several options for our telehealth program, including IOP treatment.

If you have PPO coverage from a major insurance provider, your treatment may be covered.

Gold Seal of Approval™

Summit Estate Recovery Center is proud to be accredited through the Joint Commission. This organization strives to ensure those within the healthcare system receive the highest standard in care. To receive accreditation, facilities must uphold their standards of value, quality, and optimal outcomes. By receiving this Gold Seal of Approval™, we have met or exceeded these set performance standards of care.

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